Let the master of obscure syrups, sticky citrus and rare rums take you to a faraway island.

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Brian Matulis strains a mai tai at Timber & Salt in Redwood City. (Photo by Adam Pardee)

Every Thursday, Brian Matulis, the bar manager at Timber & Salt in Redwood City, offers his customers a “vacation in a glass.” For one night a week, on “Tiki Thursday,” Matulis serves cocktails of his choosing from the broad category of tiki; a genre of drinks that holds no strict definition, but that he describes as classic cocktail meets “beach drink.”

These tiki cocktails — based mostly on rum and citrus, and often inspired by the Polynesian, South Pacific and Caribbean islands —…

Prix fixe as medicine, a long hug after heartbreak, and other reasons I’m very afraid of the possibility of a world without my favorite restaurants.

Just before Thanksgiving in 2019, I was aroused to a frantic shake of my shoulder at the 1-Michelin star restaurant, Ikoyi, in London’s St James’s neighborhood. I picked myself up, blinked a few times, and tried to figure out why I was waking up in a dining room.

When I came to, I locked eyes with a concerned looking British woman to my left, whose lips moved as she said something to me that never made its way through my ears. It seemed urgent, but my hearing wasn’t quite working. A few sips of white wine in a glass, a…

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A selection of cocktails currently featured at San Agus (from left:) Xochimilco; Central De Abastos; La Merced. (Photo by Magali Gauthier)

Beverage director Eusebio Pozos has curated a drink menu featuring spirits made from ‘a diversity of agave,’ a desert spoon shrub AND an edible fungus that grows on corn.

The vibrant flavors of Mexico City are making their way into your cocktail glass.

At San Agus Cocina Urbana & Cocktails, beverage director Eusebio Pozos has created the Central de Abastos: a cocktail named after Mexico City’s largest market, where vendors sell vegetables, herbs, bread and elote — the iconic Mexican street corn snack. The drink’s connection to the market reaches beyond its name, with flavors from Mexican herbs and liqueurs…

Zack Fernandes

Bay Area transplant by way of Singapore and Philadelphia. I make burgers by night. Find me @zachareats on Instagram and at zackfernandes.com

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